Tank Journal Archive


Jul 12, 2011
Gold Coast
Tanks looking good mate. Why do you want to upgrade to a larger tank? The reason i ask is that maybe you could skip the 60L and go even further instead of just going 20L more. 20L upgrade wont be hugly noticable change and maybe you could skip this step straight to a 100L or similar - up to you, just a thought as when i has a 40L i skipped to a 250L and was so happy i skipped the middle stage becuase i would have then upgraded that a few months later and wasted money on the interum period.

Thats a nice hammer you have down the front - looks good:)
The 60L was my original plan before i started this tank but wanted to take my time and do it with a sump but at the same time could not not have a tank so i started this but always intended on doing to 60L later. Now i just got a 2ft stand of ebay today so the 60L is going to get completed. I would go bigger but while renting and on a tight budget i prefer the cheap running and maintenance cost involved with small nanos and with the addition of a sump adding atleast another 20L and a skimmer should really help with my tanks quality.
When i finally get around to buying my own home my dream is a 10ft but thats gonna have to wait


Jul 10, 2011
Gold Coast
Nanos are the new thing, I think people who rent etc need to have a small tank. If you have ever noticed majority of the people with big tanks live at home with there parents because it wold be near impossible to move !! (or they are the older generation that own their own house) , in saying that I would not like to stock a 10 foot tank. There goes 50 grand easy!! (stocking it chock full of nice corals and gear)