The Resident Loony
Jul 17, 2011
Ballarat, Victoria
i would love a cat or 2 but my dogs would eat it! always had cats when i was young
Hahah.. I grew up with cats, so I had to have one. She rules the roost. Hates being ignored, and goes nuts if theres a closed door between us, yet couldn't care less when I go to work.


Radio Host
Jul 9, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
used to have one that let himself into and out of his cage -used to close his gate when he had enough of everyone!( really true! )
Yeah I know, they are really smart. I don't allow the door to be opened on the cage, but when I let him out for a few hours to have a fly, when he has enough he makes his way back into his cage. Birds are very smart :D