Dec 29, 2013
Welcome @nanoreefer. That's great, another Brisbanite to come on the LFS outing next month.
Where in Brissy are you?
Tell us about your nano.
Thanks @daveH
Well its a 70L glass tank with curved corners and plastic trim for now. Running a HOB filter/protein skimmer with just filter pads at the moment for the cycle then i will put some carbon and other goodies in there aswell. I have a smaller quarantine tank running atm with a toxic green Wellsophyllia brain and a few small morph corals aswell. I will get a long tentical plate coral after its all set in and a few zoas. Im located at Springfield Lakes witch is a pain as no good shops that sell marine are close that i know of. But yeah my setup is pretty basic ATM but i will upgrade as stuff becomes less efficient. I am looking into a under sink RO system next.


Dec 30, 2013
Hi guys, I work in Melbourne city and live in Coburg. I have kept tropical fish for a few years and travelled overseas for a while. Since I've been back I'm looking to start with a marine nano and need a bit of help as I'm a novice in this department!