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The Resident Loony
Jul 17, 2011
Ballarat, Victoria
I went through Reeflections to get my 4x2x2 and sump built. I'd initially dealt with Ernie by email, and made arrangements to head from Ballarat to Moorabbin to see him. He was knowledgeable and happy to help me out.
The quantity of livestock they had was very impressive. Didn't appear to have a lot of hardware floating around.

I understand they also do regular BBQs.


Oct 14, 2011
Hastings, Vic
I've dealt with Ernie plenty, through the monthly BBQ (even won a prize for the quiz he holds at them), as well as my 1st fish purchase. He was always helpful, and quite happy to chat marine (without pushing sales) and what's soon to be available.
As above, the hardware side of things is almost order by sale.
I was in at the store today, and the staff on were just as helpful as Ernie is.


Dec 11, 2011
Very nice shop with lots of livestock on hand. There is probably over 14 foot of coral tank and maybe 20 live fish tanks plus a no. of freshwater fish too. The guys working there are all easy to approach and know what they are talking about. They also have RO and NSW on tap, which if you sign up as a member for $35 or so for the year will cost $2 for 25ltrs.

They offer the full range of services from simple advice to setting up and designing your tank.

They dont have alot of equipment, but do carry a healthy range of Tunze products, and they seem to be able to order nearly any piece of equipment you may want.

Edit. After selling the entire contents if the Display tank it is restocked and looking awesome ;)


Jun 2, 2012
Visit Date: December 2012
Was a shame their display tank had been torn down, would love to have seen it.
Live stock was plentiful, and had some rarer species available.
A fairly basic setup (pretty much fish and corals only), but very appropriate. Don't let looks turn you off.
I didn't engage much with the staff (they were busy)

Ian G

Sep 11, 2012
I was at Australian Aquariums (tank maker) at xmas & they were building a big new coral display tank for Reeflections so they can hold more corals. Heading down to check it out soon.


Dec 11, 2011
No new tanks in there atm.... but I did just drop off 60mtrs of 90x45 :) @Salty get crackin!

They are going through a big make over atm and will soon have even more tanks. The counter has been moved and another few cabinets of dry goods added behind. The range of food,pumps and other hardware has expanded and more to come I believe.

Where the counted used to be will house more tanks the in the same two tier style as the rest. I don't know how quick it is all happening but in a few months I think we will be spoilt for choice :)