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Nov 4, 2011
Q1 2015 Totq - Winner Oscar85

Eastwood aquariums and the reefuge are proud to announce @OSCAR85 as Q1 2015 TOTQ!!!!

Tank size and start up date july 2013
Display tank: cade 400L

Sump: Yes

Equipment used: zeovit reactor, tunze 9410 skimmer. Chinese cree led lights blue/white 2x75w. 1x40mp vortech.
Maintenance regime: 25L water change every 10-14 days. (redsea)
Change zeovit stones every 8 weeks. I manually dose red sea powders each morning and night…I'm yet to get a doser.
Advise/lesson learnt/mistakes made: Zeovit has been the best thing i have done for the tank. It has made my maintenance go down and my water quality improve. The weird thing is my test results for nutrients has not change before or after zeovit however something unmeasurable has changed the health of the tank massively.
i may eat my words but i don't ever see myself leaving the zeovit basics.
I did buy bridgelux leds once but i found they shadowed massively compared to cree. Brightwell salt always mixed slow and greyish. I have gone back to red sea.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to the reefuge as i have met some amazing people and been given great advice

I would like to congratulate Oscar on his well deserved TOTQ win. You can find more details of his tank's journey in his tank journal

Enjoy some more beautiful photos Oscar's reef.



Nov 4, 2013
Congrats lad. I have spent a lot of time looking at your journals. Really appreciate the updates. It helps enormously to see what other people are doing. Love the minimalist look.