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Jul 15, 2020
Newbie advice - using old Cade tank
Hi guys, i'm new to saltwater tanks, and have just picked up what looks to be an older model CADE tank (I believe to be a HL900-BP Reef).

Hoping for some tips/pointers in getting it set up - in doing some research I've gathered that the plumbing setup has room for improvement?

Have attached some pictures - last image shows a damaged weir which I am trying to find out if CADE has replacements for. If unsuccessful, what would the best way to repair be? I'm worried about using the wrong adhesive.

Thanks in advance!



Mar 13, 2012
I set up an old cade which is almost the same as yours. I think mine is the 800 model with the corner weir. I ended up ripping the whole weir out and drilling the back of the tank and installing an overflow box with 3 pipes like a 'bean animal' set up.

Is the damaged part of your weir actually going to stop it from working? Maybe you could just patch up the hole?

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