The Reefuge

Jul 9, 2011
I'd Guaranfuckingtee you clan bickering wouldn't even be a topic for discussion if I was still involved, cause the proof would be in the pudding.

Ether way, servility costs nothing - even if I do get aroused by your petty conflict View attachment 50429
A very easy comment to make when you have invested no time or money into a website that is free for all the users. :)


Jan 5, 2015
I'm gonna add one to the pile of "chromus is a dick" comments. The guy is a complete fucking prat, to the point where no less than three proprietors in the south east Qld area alone have openly stated "that guy is an asshole", and recommend newbies stay away from MASA as a result. Reefcentral, ultimate reefs and this place are recommended instead.

I remember once I was booted from the irc chat by him for refusing to send him a pic of my girlfriend's tits. He let me back in and made out like it was a big joke (he was apparently drunk) but seriously, fucking classless.

Tl;Dr chromus is a piece of shit who does damage to MASA every time he appears.