Tank Journal Archive

Jonny's 4foot menis.
Reefing Since: 2009

System Objectives: Mixed Reef with a dominate blue

Type of reef: Mixed Reef

Display System:

Initial Fill Date: 4/4/10

Display Tank Dimensions: 1200 x 450 x 480

Display Lighting: 4 ft t5 fitting

Stand: Tasmanian Wood oak

Hood or Rimless: No Hood

Sump Design: 900 x 250 x 300

Support systems:


Display Water circulation: 2x Vortechs

Return Pump: Eheim 3000 compact

Skimmer: Bubble Magnus Nac-7

Evaporation Top Up: Manual

Chemical additions:

Calcium Addition: Randies Recipe

Alkilinity Addition: Randies Recipe

Magnesium Addition:Randies Recipe

Coral Food Addition: Tropic Marine pro, and various meats

Fish Food: Flakes and Spectrum Marine, and Meaty mix


Jonny Glover

Jul 12, 2011
Hobart, Tasmania
Bit of a sad update, ive lost my male clown and 2 week old melanurass wrasse. the clown managed to get sucked down the overflow and the wrasse jumped for some unknown reason! My stylo frag has bleached from base to top but there might be some hope and the other frag hasn't extended polyps since it arrived about a month ago. I went on a vacation for 4 days and everything changed from the minute i left! Im going to do a couple of water changes over the week. My blue tang got ick again and well im pissed.... On the plus im switching to tunzes, and jsut got to get a auto top off and ive got all the equptment for my new tank. Sorry for such a long boring post, but ill give some pics of my equipment tomoz