The Reefuge

Jul 9, 2011
A Message From Ian G
Hello everyone,
As some of you may know @Ian G has not been well recently and has not been online. However, I was contacted the other day by @TheJordans with a message from Ian.

I don't know if you are part of it or aware of it but I received a tank care package from "The Reefuge Family" today, totally out of the blue. I've just returned from 2 days respite care on Phillip Island and that had been the highlite of my month. This tops it by a mile.

Could you do me a favour please and pass on my thanks via the boss? Unfortunately I'm simply not up to composing a message to do justice to this wonderful gesture. But I will in the very near future, I just need to acknowledge receipt of it and say thanks for the moment. I don't know if its my condition or just the generosity of the gift but it moved me to tears. So much for the tough bloke image.
Apparently, two members of The Reefuge (@ezza and @Synodontis) came up with a plan to put together a little present in an effort to cheer him up. It was difficult to find out who was responsible for this. I know neither of them would like the attention, but I believe every good deed should be acknowledged. A big thank you to both of these members for their very kind deed.


Mar 6, 2012
thanks for being such a great community guys its amazing to see something like this...wishing you all the best Ian

Ian G

Sep 11, 2012
Hi everyone,

Firstly I apologise if I ramble a bit but my head is still not where it needs to be, physically & mentally. But I can clearly see the end of tunnel.

It's been a while as I've had a bit on my plate. I wish to sincerely thank @ezza & @Synodontis who I believe were behind the care package I received. It was a very bright spot during an otherwise tiring journey. This was no small gift, it was a huge box filled with all sorts of goodies from these guys & K&J Aquatics, I haven't calculated its value but it is certainly substantial. As it happens some of the goodies were exactly what I needed when they arrived-almost spooky,,,,

Thanks also to @reefuge for finding out who organised this and creating this post.

Health wise, this round of the battle is pretty much over. It was exhausting but this time there seems to be no further damage, unlike last time which left me with severe nerve damage. I'm walking again with my stick but just short distances while I build up my strength. This battle is likely to continue for at least the next 20 years they tell me but I'm ok with that. It seems that of all the people in the world known to have had multiple HPC tumours over time, I am now the longest surviving. This appears to be due to the experimental radiolaser surgery I had a while back. I'm pleased to say that I and the more recent guinea pigs have only to pass a few more checks and the Australian Dept of Health will approve the treatment for general use.

I still won't be on much for a bit but I'm still here. Thanks to everyone for everything....

Ian G