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Yes We Have No Ammonia Today! But...
My tank has cycled. The brown filamentous algae is gone. No fish have died yet. Fish are eating well.

But my tank looks like crap. Despite regular water changes, it's murky as hell. Doesn't seem like a bacterial bloom, but I suppose it could be. The tank is clearer first thing in the morning, then gets cloudier through the day. Not milky-cloudy, grimy-cloudy.

According to my API test stip readings, my water params are gh 180, kh 100, ph 8, no2 3, no3 40, temp 24. And no ammonia from the API drop-test kit.

I have been battling ich, and the tank has now been at sg 1.09 for two weeks (the one affected fish that brought it in in a cyst on itsdorsalf in is no better, alas, and may die) -- is this what could by killing my ulva and making the tank socloudy? "Clarity" has not worked, filter has been cleaned, detritus vacuumed out. Other macroalgae is still OK.

Any thoughts?

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