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Trish 5x2x2 Reef - Red Sea Reef Care Program
Introduction: We started reefing just over 2 years ago and have had ups and downs and finally we can relax a bit and have pleasure with the tank.
Reefing Since: August 2009

System Objectives: To have something relaxing to watch rather than the TV.

Type of reef: Mainly SPS

Display System:




Initial Fill Date: August 5th, 2009

Display Tank Dimensions: 5x2x2

Display Lighting: 3 EcoLamps LED's

Sump Design: 4 foot tank divided into 3 sections.

Filtration: Red Sea Reef Care program, macro

Support systems:

NSW or ASW: Red Sea Pro as I am 4 hours from nearest NSW

Display Water circulation: 2 VorTech Mp40's, 2 Tunzes 6205

Return Pump: Eheim Classic

Skimmer: Reef Octopus XP 2000 internal

Evaporation Top Up: Manual

Chemical additions: All dosed through Kamoer Dosing Pumps

Calcium/Alk/Mag Addition: Randy's Recipe.

Prodibiotics Addition: Red Sea No PO4/NO3

Coral Food Addition: Red Sea Colours and Nutrition

[Broken External Image]:http://i225.photobucket.com/albums/dd79/ashmumoo/FTS_.jpg



Jul 10, 2011
Gold Coast
love it. your doing exactly what i want to do , i just need 4 -8 more channels on my dosing pump ;)
can we see a list of your dosing amounts and times?
Calc 90mls per day dosed at 8 xper 24hr
Alk 80mls per day dosed at 8 x per 24 hr
Mag 50mls per day dosed at 6 x per 24 hr
NO PO4/NO3 dosed 14mls per day at 6 x per 24 hour
RS colours 1 and 2 all dosed at 2 mls per day - taking it very slowly and testing weekly to check levels.
RS colours 3 and 4 dosed at 1ml per day - iron and trace elements can be very harmful in overdosing so taken these even slower

RS Reef nutrition A - dosing 5 ml per day. Needs to be kept in fridge so we manually dose that in evening under blue acintics.
RS Reef nutrition B - Haven't started yet as observing parameters and any algae growth/coral deterioration.

So far, so good on this programme. :D


Aug 10, 2011
If it's being used in equal balance. Most tanks though it won't be.

And I won't be slandered in such a way, Trishy! ;)


Jul 28, 2011
very nice coral and interesting thread.

Your info is a great help in my setup that im doing for my new system and I have a question regarding the dosing.

Is there any need for Kalkwasser in the RO top off if your dosing Recipe #1 of Randy's system?

Are you using recipe 1 or 2?


Jul 11, 2011
Hobart, Tasmania
Is there any need for Kalkwasser in the RO top off if your dosing Recipe #1 of Randy's system?
Kalk is another way of adding calcium and alkalinity in a balanced way. You could add both but I think it would make it very difficult to determine how much of Randys Recipe to dose.
I would stick to one or the other :)