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May 14, 2013
To hobby, or not to hobby
Hi Guys,
Some of you may remember me, but I've barely been around in the last 4 years as I've had 3 kids and now after years of neglect have decided to either sell my 4ft CADE or re-invigorate it.

We're currently in the planning phase of a major renovation, so I've got the time to do some planning work and realise if getting stuck into the tank and re-setting it up in the new house is a good idea or not.

If I decide to step back into the game I'll be looking at getting some new lights( LED or others?), some dosing pumps, GFO reactor.... spending a bit of coin.

At the moment the tank is running a really basic set up, with softies and bunch of fish that are all pretty happy.

I'm keen to know if anyone has been in a similar position, and if they regret either stepping back in or selling their tank after a period of time?

I'm also looking to understand how people are managing their tank parameters/testing/water changes that they maybe weren't doing 5 years ago, and if there anything new in the hobby that is a must do/have when getting back into the hobby.


Mar 13, 2012
Hey @Cosby long time no see! I went through a phase of just neglecting my tank but I moved house and decided to spend some money on some new equipment and get it all running properly. It is still a very much a work in progress but I am very happy that I did it!
There is some new fully automated testing/dosing equipment but its very pricey and not sure if it is available here yet.
I still use the trusty old hannah/salifert combo.