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Jul 14, 2011
Test results - parametres
Hi, Am a newbie and still waiting for my tank.
I have ended up with about 100kg of live rock in a pond in my garage, all set up with light, skimmer, pump and heater...and NSW

I really do have pet rocks..LOL

I started doing some tests on the water (the main reason for doing it this way and to speed things up later) just to get the hang of it and have done these so far
pH; 8.0
Nitrate; 50-100 could this be right or have I stuffed the test up
Iodine; .01
Iodate; .03

Is there a list of parametres on the site that I have missed

I have these kits also

Have ordered Nitrite and Ammonia kits

Can someone recommend range of results and regime for frequency of each test

Right now I have setup in about 250 litres at 25 degrees


Jul 10, 2011
Gold Coast
it will take a while to cycle through that time you will see high levels of nitrate and amonia. do regular water changes to the water to bring this down,
i would definitely start checking the calcium alk and phosphate so you can keep and eye on the levels.


Jul 15, 2011
Wide Bay
what sort of filter do you have going?

if you can start building up the beneficial bacteria in the filter it will help a lot in reduction of nitrates etc. getting that bacteria built up will help mature the system and give you more stable parameters. after the cycling process is through your ammonia tests will nearly become irrelevant.
the live rock you have will also help in maturation of the water.
as Matt has said doing some regular water changes will also help in reducing these levels to more stable parameters. having a stable tank is a key process to marine keeping.

good luck, let us know how you go :D
Good water ciculation and a skimmer will bring nitrate down. Make sure the base of the rock has alot of flow. How about a tank journal and some photos? Message me if you need help with the Tj section.