Please select the features you use.

  • Tank Journals (viewing OR owned)

    Votes: 45 86.5%
  • Calculators

    Votes: 14 26.9%
  • Micro-Communities

    Votes: 17 32.7%
  • Marketplace

    Votes: 43 82.7%
  • wikiReef

    Votes: 6 11.5%
  • Code Manager

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Product Reviews

    Votes: 22 42.3%
  • LFS Reviews & Directory

    Votes: 13 25.0%
  • Member Map

    Votes: 13 25.0%
  • State Groups

    Votes: 36 69.2%
  • Use the reply/view count on the thread (lets you know how many people viewed and replied)

    Votes: 23 44.2%
  • Urgent Tank Support

    Votes: 31 59.6%
  • Last Message (located on the far right of threads and forums. Lets you know who last replied)

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The Reefuge

Jul 9, 2011
Hello everyone,

I would like you all to complete this short survey. We are working on some major changes to the site and would like to get a feel of what is wasted and what is used. The poll allows for multiple selections. Please select the features you use.



Mar 15, 2014
Dumbalk, Sth Gippsland
Just a bit of honest feedback.

I actually thought wikireef must have been dropped. It was only when I saw this poll that I went hunting for it and found it under the dreaded "more" option. I say that semi tongue in cheek as I'm one of the many who are blind to "more" options, I simply don't notice them.

This all reminded me - although it was 15 years ago. When we were developing our online market presence (for a division of the number 2 soft drink company in the world) we hired a prestigious research firm. Surveys, focus groups and blind live trials against control groups demonstrated a number of trends & a there were a couple of things that stick in my head because they described me too.

The total sample of people was 200 from a broad demographic, excluding the then elderly. I pass this on in case its helpful.

More than 7 tabs was too confusing and resulted in losing the users' attention, frames were very disliked, & "more/misc/other" options were largely viewed as places where the unimportant stuff is put.

I grant you this was 1999 and perhaps users have matured in their habits now. Then again it may just be the human psych. Anyway now that I've found wiki, I'm off to have a look.


Jun 6, 2012
99% I Click "Activity Feed", then "New Posts" and then Im out.

Ian, i actually remember reading those results as were actually published internally (industry based) within another research task results aimed at online marketing/branding trends, and how rapidly thing have changed in such a short amount of time. If I remember correctly it is now down to 5 tabs if any as navigation design has since evolved.
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Mar 15, 2014
Dumbalk, Sth Gippsland
Gotta say the activity feed annoys me in some way BUT (& it's a BIG but - no not you dear) I could change my bookmark. Yet I don't & I end up reading the things that look interesting in the feed. So despite my quirky (mrs calls it fuc$ed) nature it definitely does what I assume it is meant to do. Well done :)