Tank Journal Archive

Jacques Pels

Feb 4, 2017
Gold Coast, QLD
on Sunday evening, we were sitting next to the tank, when a friend asked "Whta's that " ?
When I got up to look, I was stunned - from under the Favia there were regular "puffs" of milky liquid coming out.
I got the iPad and got some footage of it. It went on for about 10 minutes, with the fish going crazy over it. I think it must have been Oyster spawning - not coral, as it was from under the Favia, so no light.
I realized I had not put the filter on, so made a short clip with filter, which still shows the tail end of the spawn.
It was the first day of the new moon, so maybe, this is the first spawning in my tank... a great feeling, as I would like to believe this means our water parameters, lighting and general condition oif fish, corals and substrate are heading in the right direction.
I will figure out how to up load the video onto uTube.