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Apr 10, 2015
Some Steps Forward, Some Steps Back.
Well it has been an eventful couple of weeks with the tank:

* As per one of my previous posts on the 20th March I had the distinct displeasure of managing to bump my Maxspect LED light and watch it fall in slow motion into the tank!

* ran my AI prime as the sole light on the 90 x 90 x 45cm tank for a couple of weeks while I tried to figure out what to do with the lighting longer term. :) An amazing little light. Had to tweak the placement of a few corals and many were not ecstatic about the change in lighting, but everything was doing OK. Even got to see my fungia moving themselves around the substrate, which I didn't know they could do.

* had to sell the Red Sea Reefer Nano I recently bought to fund replacement lights. Having said that, looking forward to seeing what the buyer, a fellow forumite, is going to have rocking in that tank in a few months.

* lost Washington, my non-yellow-eyed Kole tang, so sad. W had been with us for over 3.5 years (second "oldest" fish and my favourite). Completely gutted. He looked healthy and happy, seemed to be eating as much as usual, wasn't being antagonised by any of the new fish. In hindsight think I failed Washington :( and without me realising it he wasn't actually getting enough to eat over the course of the few weeks since the latest addition of new fish to the tank (the first additions in years). Worst part of the hobby, for me.


* ended up changing my scape again slightly. I really liked the result of removing the central front bommie last rescape. However, where I placed that rock (upside down on the left side as a bridge between the front and rear rocks on that side) didn't work well. Did weird things to the flow on that side of the tank, didn't look great, plus my Yellow Tang seemed annoyed at me for forcing him to alter his usual swimming path through that section.

So played around a little more and ended up turning the rock rightside up again and placing it on top of the left bommie for some added height. I think it looks much better and will hopefully look great one day when grown out with coral.



Sep 6, 2014
Next update :)

It is sitting in a bag full of rice in my storeroom trying to draw out all the moisture. Not sure if that is going to work, but worth a try.
Well id be keen on buying it off you for a project. To do with my red sea max 250.