Tank Journal Archive

Jacques Pels

Feb 4, 2017
Gold Coast, QLD
Sea Squirts
apart from noting the appearance of a few Aptasia in the sump ( who were immediately escorted out of the premises) and several tube worms, about 2 weeks ago I noticed 3 small growths. I have been watching them, and the other day managed to get a few shots. They look like Sea Squirts to me !! ?
During my diving days, we would find all sorts of Squirts, in beautiful delicate colors. These are a plain brown, but I just get a real kick to see them growing in our environment - not sure if they are good or bad for the tank, but see it as a small pat on the shoulder on water parameters.
The Coraline has really taken off, at first a few pink patches on the rocks, now really taking hold.
The Pods in the sump are getting to the 5~8mm size and plenty of them... so all up, at least on this score, I am chuffed.