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Scolymia Spp Advice
I am a virgin marine aquarium hobbyist and I just purchased 3 scolies from my local aquarium shop, unfortunately one of them is experiencing receding flesh. I don't want to return it, apart form it being cheap, I love the colours, does anyone know how I can save it? Any advice would be appreciated on keeping Scolymia spp.
Thank you
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Step 1 - Make sure it is not getting too much light, they don't like it. I had an orange one that was bleaching, after some research I moved it to semi shade and it's getting its colour back fast.


Jul 11, 2011
Hobart, Tasmania
Hi @Shannon Standen and :welcome.

To be honest, it is going to be a bit hard to offer any advice when we don't know anything about your tank :confused:

A picture would help out a lot, together with the results of any water tests that you might have done. Was it receding when you bought it?

But, in general, moderate flow and light and feed a couple of times a week.


Sep 22, 2012
Hi Shannon, :welcome

A few questions to get us started:

What water are you using (NSW or ASW, aka sea water or buckets of salt you mix yourself)?

If ASW, what brand?

Are you using RO/DI water for mixing and evaporation topup?

Have you had any parameters tested?

What test kits are you using?

Can you tell us about your system, please be specific?

Looking forward to getting your tank back on track!