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Return pump output on 600 litre tank
Hey guys on my new tank I'm still deciding on how much flow i should have coming from the ruturn pump. I was thinking 5000 litres as thats around 8 times the water volume, but some people have 20 x or 50 x


Jul 10, 2011
Gold Coast
Hi Jonny. you should never count the return pump as the turnover rate of the aquarium. i run around 500-1000 LPH through my tank from my sump.
it depends what you want to run off the pump and how good quality it is,
5000lph would do
-return to tank
-skimmer or FBF

3000 LPH
is fine for just the return and chiller
I'm not counting it as the turn over rate. More the actaull flow going through the sump per hour. I also don't run chiller :P Skimmer is external as well... And i should probably have thought of including more info first.. woopse