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Jan 8, 2013
St Kilda, Melbourne
/* EDIT: By The Reefuge - Post was moved from another thread as to not derail it. */

i have no idea what the thread is about but i know it involves reef secrets. (No surprise though)

I had quite a bad experience buying a clam of them. (a long time ago)
I had a fabulous description of the clam when i said i was interested but after i paid and it was being shipped someone else found my enquiry and told me "it was the lighting that made it look like"

I then made inquiries about the two dispcriptions that came from reef secrets that were completely different and was ignored so i turned to there Facebook page (still being polite) but all my posts were deleted.

I had screen prints of both descriptions of the clam (one before purchase and one after)
and also my Facebook posts going missing. They participated in scamming me and then censored the truth. So I'm happy for them to have less control here.

All i have to say without reading the mtg thing is. If you did the wrong thing and got caught sucked in.
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Firstly I did not have a problem with the post . Well except the title . Secondly Ian was 100% wrong . We have never adjusted anything with our web site . As I said before it's made in Australia by australian web designers they know the law they know how to build web sites to meet australian standards so his last post in that thread trying to make out that we changed the web site after his post is bull shit . We never did because we knew he was wrong . Ian grow some balls and return our calls because we tried to call you the day after your order but because your an Internet hero who just likes to talk smack about other peoples business punlicly . Call me any time to discuss ..

Secondly the last the post what the hell did that have to do with anything about our prices ?
It was a guy who possibly bought a clam from us many years ago and if I'm not mistaken it was a 70 or 90 dollar clam . And as with every single coral shop in the world the pictures are taken top down . And yes if your tank has different lights allot of stuff looks different . We never lied . Go on post pictures and proof to back up your claim . I'm the owner and we try our best to supply awesome stock to you guys at the best price we can . Of corse you will never keep everyone in the word happy this guy was probably wanting a $600 clam for $90 and that's just not going to happen .. That post about reef secrets is defamation of our business and yes some people will read it and might believe the OP even though he was totally wrong and still yet to admit he's at fault so in my opinion he must be mates with a competitor and has no real issue so he made a false one up .

I've kept screen shots of that post and Monday I will ask our solicitor if there is anything we can do to prevent further loss of business . Reefuge when 90% of the people posting in a thread that it should be taken down maybe you should listen to them as its not sensorship its called removing pure crap from your web site . After all you are the ones leaving it up publicly when you yourself know it's bull shit and incorrect ..

Laters and keep reefing
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