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The Resident Loony
Jul 17, 2011
Ballarat, Victoria
This was the first serious LFS I've been to selling marine.

The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. I was in Geelong for two days and wanted to make my selections on a Saturday and drop by at opening time the following morning to collect. They were quite happy to let me do so. They had a sensational range of coral, and the pricing seemed to be pretty fair.
They've also been quick to respond to email.


Sep 18, 2011
This was the first store that I bought my first fish from. The staff there are fantastic, they all seem to remember their customers names. They are very knowledgeable and what they don't know they will take the time to search it for you. They have a great range of corals and have shipments every 2 weeks. They also have a good range of fish at decent prices. The staff members always give me discounts when I buy a lot. recommended to visit