Radio Host
Jul 9, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
PR skills
Well today was fun.

After ringing the contractors to come in and fix their mistakes, I get told I need PR skills. The contractors ruined a bit of programming for the machinery in the foundry. So I told them to fix it. 2 days later, it is still stuffed. He tells me yesterday that he will come by today, and he is a no show.

So I ring him and tell him to get over here. He says he is too busy. I tell him he still needs to come. He tells me his is busy. This went on for a few minutes. So I said "I don't care if you don't come, but if the machine gets blocked again, YOU are the one who is going to be cleaning it out". He tells me "Let me tell you something mate, you need a lesson in PR".

I laughed, and told him I am very calm right now, and that he should be fast to fix the problem. Little does he know that his company will not be allowed to step foot in the place soon. They got paid millions of dollars to set the place up, and I am on my own fixing everything. Pisses me off.

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