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The Resident Loony
Jul 17, 2011
Ballarat, Victoria
Pails are my local LFS (quite literally a 10 minute walk).

They have an impressive range of fresh water fish, and usually have a few all in one tank set ups for sale. Most of the staff seem knowledgeable with freshwater.

They do have a couple of marine tanks, but I've only met one staff member there who appears to have marine experience. The last time I was in there, they only had a handful of marine fish; no coral. One staff member did admit that they struggled with marine, so they didn't focus a lot on it.
They do keep a few marine bits and pieces - usually some salt (though it's rock solid), a few test kits and the odd supplement. I've seen them keep the odd Jebo skimmer, but their prices are high for models that get fairly average reviews. I did once point out that their "premium live rock" was wet base rock, and managed to get it a little cheaper.
I won't pick on them too much given their admission that marine isn't a strong point (though it still features in their radio ads).

For freshwater, they are the best place in Ballarat to deal with.