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Sep 21, 2014
Overflow Box Help
Hi All
Long time lurker, love the info and advice on the site.
Looking for some help with an overflow box. Brought a tank setup from a member here but the nano overflow is noisy as hell (gurgles and what not). It's a single 1.5" pipe out the back of a weir box, with just a hole and some pipe drilled into a 90` elbow.
Pretty sure its this kit -

I had planned to fix this by adding a back box using two 1" drains, 1x siphon with a 90` elbow on a T and some kind of ball/gate valve, the other an emergency/trickle drain to keep the noise down (forget what style they call this).
But I can't find just a back box for an overflow anywhere :/
As I had to transfer over everything today in a rush (daughter dumped 1/2 jar of food into a 30l tank last night... wasn't going to risk it even after netting most of it out) I now have this noisy tank in a bedroom and looking to fit it ASAP.
Anyone know where I can get something to suit? Or have it made without costing a fortune.
I'm in Perth btw.


Jun 18, 2015
Tannum Sands
I would call and or visit one of these guys below (just quick google search for acrylic in Perth) and query them about knocking it up.

It is only small and not to complex I am sure if you plead your case they will do it out of off cut pieces and slap it togther for a very reasonable price.

Might have to drill it yourself but that is just a hole saw from bunnings/masters. While there pick up your bulkheads.

All Acrylic Shapes-Perth -‎
Custom Made, Cut to Size, All Shapes Available Call Now 9361 6637

Acrylic Products WA -‎‎

If you are keen and handy on the tools you could always make it yourself to drop cost, go to one of the above companies and purchase the acrylic and some weldon, cut it at home on a table saw, sand up edges then glue it.