The Reefuge

Jul 9, 2011
October Update
Hi everyone,

What a busy last month it has been. So, here is something new that has been implemented that I am sure some of the businesses will find handy.

We now have an automated banner system. I am sure most of you have seen the adverts for The Reefuge Maps and The Reefuge VIP. These are non-intrusive, text-only ads that sit on top of the content.

Now businesses have access to the system that runs these ads, and can add their own. Here is a quick rundown of the system. Please note, your account must be a Business account in order to use this system. It can be found in your user control panel.

This is the overview page where you can see what your ad looks like, the amount of clicks, cost per click, click through rate, status and how many impressions your ad has left before it expires. It shows you all of the ads you have running (you can have multiple).

Here you can see a comparison between your banners. In the graph below you can see the amount of clicks each banner has received. The "Maps" ad is doing better than the VIP ad.

Similar to the graph above, but instead of clicks it shows you how many times your banner has been displayed. As you can see, the "Maps" banner has been displayed slightly more than the VIP banner.

And this graph shows you how many impressions you banner has received on a daily basis over time.

Advertising starts at just $5USD for 5,000 impressions so it is really cheap.