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Jul 9, 2011
News Update
Hello everyone,

The Reefuge has been growing steadily for the last couple of years and we believe it is a good time for some major changes in the way the site operates and the direction it will be taking.

We are still going to use the forum framework as the base of the entire website (it is very powerful and has been heavily modified). However, instead of accessing areas via the forum, it will take on more of a networking approach.

So, here are a few things that are going to be added/modified.

[Free] Tank Journals - These will be a lot cleaner looking. There will no longer be a description of the journal. They will function exactly the same and users do not need to convert or move their journals. Some of you may have noticed the description missing already. There will also be a few features added to the journals.

[Free] Business Pages - These are more or less micro-communities. Business pages will have the ability for owners to moderate them, talk to the community, advertise their products, etc. Business pages will also have a feed from the businesses facebook page. This means that when a business makes a post on facebook it will automatically mirror the content on to their business page.

[Free] Business and Member Directory - The directory has been cleaned up and looks much neater. This will be a dedicated area just for LFS reviews and member location.

These are the main areas that will be worked on and more or less dedicated areas. The forum main page will also be cleaned up to only display the learning forums (reef related only).

Some teasers will be posted soon.



Mar 15, 2014
Dumbalk, Sth Gippsland
Awww i liked the description part of the tank journals.. :/
Me too. I really dislike this change. That was the BEST thing about the TJ structure. It's really troubling that TJ's just keep getting fiddled with. Now you have to search for the critical context info. :banghead
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