New To Reefing


Feb 6, 2016
Airlie beach
New To Reefuge
Just thought I might add a post as I am new to reefuge.
I have had this tank for three years now..... not going to bore you with details but have been back at it full steam now for about a month to bring it back to up scratch from its crash ... thought i might share some pics as to where I am at, happy to recieve any advice as im always eager to learn more.
I am not far off building a sump for this tank just waiting on the last of my items to arrive, So that i can get the skimmer out of my sight and to be able to run a reactor to keep my phosphates down.

The tank I believe is a blue planet 160l corner tank.
Hailea chiller.
X2 tunze power heads
X1 hdor soon to be tunze power head.
Aqua one g series skimmer.
Illumagic blaze.

I am also using
Instant ocean.... and natural at times collected from around fringing reefs when i go fishing here in the Whitsundays Qld...
Phosgaurd for now
Calcium, mag when needed... sea chem... know anything better ?.
And have been getting into the zeovit KZ. Personally Im liking the outcome so far.
Coral snow.
Coral vitalizer.
Sponge power.

Glad to be aboard this site and keen for any suggestions and thoughts. Sorry about the late night blues will try for some better pics tomorrow. Cheers.


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Dean Lovett

Apr 11, 2015
Welcome mate.

You've definitely stumbled upon a brilliant forum, that has the richest community feel of any online forum! I look forward to reading your posts and helping out where I can along the way!