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Oct 17, 2012
Sydney, Australia
New Orange Hammer $$$
So after my Jaebo dosing pump was failing and nearly killed all my SPS, all but one have made a comeback

An issue i was having was it would never dose the correct ammount no matter how much calibraiton i did, i had an old bubble magus laying around with a faulty MB, swapped the motors on the Jaebo with the BM pumps and now its amazing.

Supper accurate dosing every-time, it was so easy to do as well. If anyone has issues with it i suggest purchasing some decent motors and giving it a try.

Anyway now i have managed to keep a stable alk for the last 2 weeks all my corals are recovering and back on track, i also added 4 t5 globes to my fixture. Test my par

Bottom is 90-100
middle is 100-160
top is 160 -230

I cant put it any higher or my corals bleach, I may try increasing par in 3 months about 10% see how everything does

Here is a bad FTS i did quickly last night


The orange hammer is super bright and expensive (i wont be telling the misses the cost)
I just have no idea how to capture on my phone