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Oct 21, 2013
Mobile Application Development Services For Aquarium
1. Custom mobile application development

2. Convert websites into mobile application

3. Games development

4. Mobile application compatibility and porting

5. Mobile application testing

6. Data Security and privacy using JSON / REST / SOAP services

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The Reefuge

Jul 9, 2011
Hello @jessicasamuel,

Thank you very much for coming and spamming my community. All you had to do was ask for permission and I would have been very happy to work towards letting people know your business exists. Instead, you opted to come in and spam various forums. I notice you are in web-app development. That is great!

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Now when people search for these terms and we outrank you in the Google listings everyone will first see the ethics of your business. Trying to get customers by spamming other peoples communities. If you want these posts taken down, feel free to spam my link all over your own site.

Thanks :)

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