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Dec 11, 2011
The first LFS I walked into since being in melbourne and its not all that bad.

They have around 20 live fish tanks and usually well stocked and well priced. The only thing i wouldnt be too sure about is that the fish seem to have lettuce as a staple meal which I doubt would be all that beneficial. Hopefully they are fed more than just that otherwise find out when the shipment is coming in and be there on the day and get them early.

They have a good no of coral tanks too which are normally stocked up but I personally havent seen anything super outstanding just the normal run of the mill stuff but it is well priced also with a handy little system that allows you to buy multiple items out of tanks marked with the same colour coded stars... example maybe X coloured star tanks buy 3 items for $99

They do have a few toys but some are pretty exy compared to other shops within a half hour drive. They have a lot of ready to go tanks up to 4 foot that are well priced but lacking a little in neat clean lines but good for the price if you can handle the finish. Lots of tanks on stands and occasionally some second hand setups too.

The shop also has a big range of freshwater fish and a big range of reptiles. Lots of cool snakes to look at plus the Lizards too... but did I mention the snakes!!

Ian G

Sep 11, 2012
I pretty much agree with Sarg. Getting someone to serve you here can be hard as it's usually busy when I go & most don't have much knowledge about marine I'm afraid.

This shop does often have a coral bargain bin which is good and if you are prepared to take a gamble, it's worth checking out. Last time I was there I picked up 2 "bargain bin packs".

Pack 1 $16:
A red tree sponge that looked good but wasn't fixed to anything.
A purplish mushroom about the size of a 20c coin. Turned out to be a ric.
Last in this pack was a small branching rock with bright green zoas on one branch (under normal light) and a different colour on the other branch.

Pack 2 $18:
A species of Gionopora (yellow/green) about tennis ball size, no polyps extended.
A colony of pretty white star polyps.
A toxic green lobo that was slightly receding but has since tripled in size in 3 months so it must have been very closed in on itself. It's now about 12cm long.

Easy parking but be warned there are big steps to navigate & no hand rail. Difficult if you are carrying large purchases or have mobility issues.