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Jun 14, 2014
Mcs Shallow Mantis Reef.
So after being out of the hobby for some time i had the urge to start another mantis aquarium.
But at the same time i thought why not make it a basic shallow mixed reef.

So i actually started this tank many months ago it sat around with nothing in it and no light for months.
I was waiting to find a mantis shrimp. After a few months i found a mantis and another month or 2 threw in the first corals.

And now we are here.

Tank is set up as a peninsular with a rear filter section.
Dimensions are 400Lx500Wx250H

Its a pretty basic setup with a eheim compact as a return pump
2x 50w eheim jager heaters.
And a Nanobox Tide M light custom drilled so it sits how i wanted on the gooseneck.

Just has a bunch of marinepure plates for filtration.

Minimal rock and shallow sand bed.





So this is still very early, corals will be added slowly and will try and get photos of the mantis if possible.