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Jul 9, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
I have been waiting for the reviews section to be running before posting this review up. Now that it is here, here is my review also.


The Illumagic unit came neatly packed. Everything was well protected, and as you can see, there is not much else to say about this photo :P


All of the components were packed in protective foam, and packed tightly to avoid movement during shipping.


Without minding the 80's carpet, this is everything that came in the box. There is a user manual, the light unit, the transformer, the two brackets, and some optional hanging hooks.



This is a simple photo from the top of the unit. As you can see, it is extremely neat. The heat sink works as the housing for the light unit. There is also a fan which is mounted onto a machined section of the case. It looks very tidy, and really saves on space.


This is what the underside looks like. Unfortunately the camera I was using to take these photos died, and I was unable to take any more. But as you can see again, everything is spaced out evenly, with 70 degree optical lenses on the cree led's, and a nice protective shield in front of everything to protect it.

When I first put this unit on top of my fluval edge nano tank, it immediately looked 100 times better. The colours that this unit outputs can be controlled and fine tuned to look exactly how you want it to look. It has really great settings in its small control panel, which is located on one end of the unit.

The lights include cool white, neutral white, blue, royal blue, and UV led's. Each colour can be controlled separately, so you can get your colour to look exactly as you want it to. There are also settings that will allow you to change the colour every 15 minutes over 24 hours. There is a pre-built program that will do it for you, but you can modify it to suit your style and your needs.

I am currently running it at the default, as I think it looks nice. It turns on really dim in the morning, ramps up during the course of the day, and then dims down. Of course, you can also get it to do other fancy things like emulate a solar eclipse if you want it to, or have an overcast day, etc.

There is also an I/O port on this unit. This will allow me to connect other units to it if I choose to get a larger tank at a later date. The slaves are cheaper, so expanding your lighting system saves you money.

There is also a small cooling fan which is mounted into the unit itself. It sits almost completely flush with the top of the unit, and is quiet. Aside from the fan turning on only when it needs to (the fan does not run all the time, only when the unit gets to a certain temperature), it is really, really quiet. When it does turn on, it is only for a few seconds at a time.

I have had the lights running for weeks now, and I have seen a HUGE difference in my corals. All of them look a lot more vibrant and happier, and a lot have grown in size since I put the lights in. I am finally happy with the way my tank looks, and I believe adding the illumagic lights to it was the best thing I have ever done to my tank (aside from adding coral and fish :P).

All up, I am not only happy with these lights, but when I upgrade my tank I will certainly be buying Illumagic units. They are a little bit expensive, but they are well worth the money. I would also recommend them to anyone looking into upgrading their lights, or thinking to buy LED units.
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