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Jonny's 25 litre frag tank
Frag tank

Display Tank:
Frag tank
Display Lighting:
3w crees 8 x 4 foot print

hooked to main display sump

Support systems:

System Water:
Red sea coral pro
Display Water circulation:
1x korali

Return Pump:
100 litre pump

Sump in display skimmer

Evaporation Top Up:

Chemical Support:
Dosing pump

Calcium Addition: Randies recipe

Alkilinity Addition: baking soda

Other Chemical Maintenance: magnesium chloride

Current Water Chemistry: If applicable
Nitrates: 0
Phosphates: Unknown
Alkalinity: Unknown
Calcium: Unknown
Salinity / Specific Gravity: 3.5
Magnesuim: Unknown

Hey guys this is my frag tank and it's a bit of a experiment. The main idea is to see how zoas and sps grow under leds. It will be very stable and it should be a fun experiment. Ive got the tnak just need to get the equipment and make a loop to the display.



Jul 10, 2011
Gold Coast
3w crees 8 x 4 foot print
how many crees is going to be over it??
i have leds over my frag tank and they seem to be going great.
Ok, so I'm actually going to turn this nano into a anemone tank with clowns. I'm going to make a 2 x 2.5 tank about 1.5 tall housing a magnificea and some clowns. Ill have it sumped on a bm skimmer or something and leds for lighting. Ive got a design for water circulation as a closed loop that will not harm the anemone whatsoever.