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Ich --surprisingly Fast Hypo Cure
The day before yesterday I discovered my 60l temperate tank had ich. One of my little common toadfish was covered, and a couple of ringscale threefins were also spotty. So I consulted Dr Google and the consensus seemed to be that hyposalinity was the way to go -- 3 or 4 weeks at 1.009.

So I pulls out my trustry hydrometer (brewing is such a handy pre-hobby for fishkeeping) and discovered to my mild horror the sg was 1.030. Four 6l buckets out and four 6l buckets of fresh in over the last two days and I've got the sg down tgo about 1.019 and guess what -- all the nasty little spots are gone. I'll get the sg down somewhat more and keep it there for 3 weeks, but it looks as though going down to a particular sg is not what kills the ich, but enough relative reduction in sg.


Apr 22, 2012
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I don't think you've cured it. At best you are covering the symptoms.
Hypo is the correct answer - it will take a long time and do it slowly. Slow to drop, slow to rise. Feed the fish quality foods. And leave the display fishless for 8+ weeks. I think you may need to go lower than 1.019 but personally I'd recommend getting a refractometer so you can accurately measure what you are doing. These days they are relatively cheap.
Then QT every other fish you ever add.
PS. Hydrometers are renowned for their lack of accuracy. But they will give you an indication of which way it is going.
Wish you all the best
I am still taking the water down. Having started so much higher than I expected, it's taking a while. I know how persistent these things can be, so didn't expect a total cure so fast. I was surprised that the spots exploded while thw tank was still so close to a normal sg, though. There are still one or two spots around, and I'm sure the various cycle stages are lurking.

Fish are being fed frozen marine mix, which they all like (some to excess). All eating well. I only have 2 small yelowtail blue damsels, two tiny common toadfish, and 3 ringscal threefins. I may have a tiny kelpfish lurking still. Other than the damsels, the fish are wild-caught by me, as will any furture ones be.

Umm, my 60l tank IS my display tank. It's not quite my only tank, I do have a 20l one, currently occupied by a frog who is about to be re-homed. It will be my future quarantine tank. I don't have a large setup, nor can I afford one. Pension only goes so far, sigh.

I'll check out refractometers, thanks.