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Jul 4, 2020
Hammer coral wont fully open
Hi Reefers:

Need some help!! I have a small tank 7.5g with clowns and firefish, some hermit crabs and pepper shrimp, hammer coral, zoan,elegance and gsp. I have the tank for about 6 to 8 months. When started everything looks good as pic 1. about 3 weeks ago I took them out in a separate container to do water change and scrub the tank. Ever since that day the hammer coral wont fully open anymore, but everything else is fine. I try to place it in different position for different flow or light but does seem like working. Also notice there are both white and brown substance coming out from hammer sometimes. I tried to dip it once with Reef Dip(didn't want to stress the coral too much). Could it be brown jelly disease? Or sting by other coral? ( pic 1 taken by may 20, pic 2 to 4 taken around 6/20, and last pic is today, also notice the polys/torch is getting smaller around the edge). Any knows whats going on or suggestion?