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Jul 9, 2011
Frag Cells Are Here!
Hello everyone,

Firstly I would just like to apologise in advance for the terrible photography. If there are any photographers on The Reefuge who would like to make up some shots with the cells, please feel free to do so.

A Frag Cell is a holding vessel that is made of extremely strong plastic. It is used in the transportation of coral frags. Each vessel can fit into a 500g posting satchel and no further package to prevent transport damage is needed. The cells have been tested and even when dropped from a +20 foot height onto solid concrete they sustained no damage (aside from a few scratches).

Each cell comes with a foam disc that is use to tie or mount frags. This disc can have the frag tied to it with a rubber band, or it can use frag tiles. It is up to you how you wish to secure your frag on to the disc.


Frag tiles can be pushed in to the disc to remain secure. You can also tie the frag down with fishing line or a rubber band for extra security measures. These tiles are half way in to show you how they sit.


This is what the cell looks like with the disc and tiles in place. As you can see it is very neat and it prevents your frag getting tossed around during transportation. Aside from the cell being extremely strong, the added bonus is the disc is an interference fit, meaning it is sitting at the top of the cell with a tight fit holding it in place. This prevents the frag banging up against the walls or turning into paste during transportation due to being knocked about.


Here are a few things you should know -

  • Although the Frag Cells have gone through a lot of testing, we can not guarantee a 100% frag survival rate. These cells are an alternative to common shipping practices and aim to give your frags the best chance of survival.
  • Frag Cells are made from the same material they use for riot shields. These have a very high impact tolerance and can survive very harsh conditions.
  • Frag Cells will be available from The Reefuge Shop in the near future. We also are happy for businesses to distribute these for us.
  • You can buy these cells from @K&J Aquatics and @naqua.

Here are some videos when the prototype cells were being tested.



Oct 23, 2013
we'll be running a few tests on them, and if all checks out, we'll be offering them as an optional alternative :)

we would also be interested in distribution, so if you could inbox us the details, that would be great :)

well done, guys :)


enjoy the little things
May 13, 2012
Will the foam fit 4x of the square aquatic culture plugs? Have to admit I was thinking it was one plug per cell.

Even more awesome :D

Sam Parker

May 6, 2013
No problem. Come over one of these days and I shall give them all to you :)

P.S - You can have them all for free on the condition you send some to @MagicJ in 2020.
Cool - I'll be in touch, want to share some frags with a number of people and I cant put rubber bands on bags to save myself. Will keep some aside for 2020 :D

Sam Parker

May 6, 2013
2020 - noted in my diary :)

Sam, could I grab some off you when I come over in September?
Indeed. I'm about to order some square plastic jars of which I can fit six in a 2l foam box too. Your welcome to check them out in September too. Hoping to have a few available for folks that come that weekend to ship things home if easier