Tank Journal Archive


Mar 13, 2012
Found A Stand!
So for the last few months I have been keeping my eye out for a new stand to put the aquarium on when I move house. Specifically a rustic look and also something wider than the tank that has enough room to fit all the equipment in.
I found this beauty for a bargain price and picked it up on the weekend :D It perfectly suits what I was after so I am really happy.
It is very heavy and sturdy but I may build a support structure inside the stand just to be 100% safe. The cabinet has much more room than the standard Cade stand!
There is plenty of room for a larger sump if I choose to build a new one. A separate area for all of the electronics and a bonus draw underneath. It will also fill the area nicely against the wall where it will be going.

Here is roughly how the tank will look on the stand. The top of the tank will be just about below eye level for me. Should make for great viewing! At the moment I have to crouch down a little to see in the tank.


The doors actually slide back in to the stand which could be handy when working on anything in the sump. I will most likely paint the inside white.
A fan or two will help with the ventilation and prevent any mold growing.

The separate electronics compartment. I will make up my own shelf/panel for the controllers and wiring.

Handy drawer for test kits and other random stuff.