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Jul 9, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
Fluval Edge
Hey everyone.

Some of you may know I have set up a Fluval Edge as a marine tank. Keep in mind I am new to this as this is my first marine tank.

[Broken External Image]:

The Good:

Nice small base. This is great as the base of the tank is smaller than the tank itself so it gives it a really nice look.

It can be filled above the level of the top glass, so you can have a really clear view of your tank.

It looks nice, really nice. This is probably the best looking tank I have ever seen. I can only imagine it will look amazing in a large scale tank.

The Bad:

The only way to clean your tank is through the small hole at the top. It makes life difficult getting around rocks.

The lighting system it comes with is not good enough for a reef aquarium. It comes with two 10W bulbs which have an ugly yellow colour. These need modifying and because of the small space to work with, it can get tricky.

The obvious one will be it is small. This limits you to what you can keep in the tank.

All Up:
It is a great looking tank but it does cost you. It is not exactly cheap but it is really nice looking, and ultimately worth the money. If you are prepared to be patient when performing maintenance tasks on the tank, and you are prepared to do some modifying to the standard lighting, then I believe this tank can be really rewarding as a marine aquarium.