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Jul 9, 2011
First Update Of 2014
Hello everyone,

Welcome to The Reefuge 2014. I would like to go over a few things that will be launching soon and explain what they are, etc. This is going to be a fairly long post, but there are a lot of things to go over. So buckle up.

Marketplace / Shop / Classifieds
In 2014 there are going to be some changes to online shopping on The Reefuge. I will go over these and explain the differences.

Shop - The Shop will be an online shop that will distribute and sell only Reefuge products. Users will be able to purchase items through the shop via paypal or Reefuge Gold. Expect to see Frag Cells, T-shirts, etc.

Marketplace - The Marketplace will be an online portal for Australian LFS's. This will be a free service provided to all businesses who wish to participate. It will allow businesses to list their products in specific categories and have a direct button to purchase the goods. The Reefuge will not be the gateway to purchases, but rather a redirect. All purchases will made via the businesses specified gateway (paypal, online store, etc).

Classifieds - This system will be taking over the current Marketplace. This will be a true to the word classifieds system. Here are a few features of what the Classifieds will offer users. Please note, as the userbase grows, more features will be added.
  • Types - For Sale, For Trade, Wanted, Free.
  • Listing Status - Open, Reserved, Expired, Sold.
  • Similar Classifieds and Classifieds by same seller.
  • Auctions - Users can bid on the item.

Reefuge Gold
There will be some very minor changes made to this system. However, Gold will be a form of payment for purchases made in The Reefuge Store. Currently, at the time of this post, we ask users do not purchase Gold. Instead, please opt for an account upgrade via paypal.

Group Buys
Group Buys will no longer be done via a thread as it has been. A system is almost finished which will handle all of the group buys. This makes tracking the buy easier and helps keep members safe. More information will be posted at a later date as there is still some work to do with this system.

Coral Program
@Agent M and I have been working on a coral program for all of you. A lot of work has gone into this system and it will be launched soonish. The aim of this program is to distribute good looking, hardy corals that have proven themselves in home aquariums. This will help with conservation efforts and in turn will help with the distribution of corals that do well in home aquariums.

Frag Cells
The Frag Cells are finished and will be available for purchase shortly!

I hope this satisfies a lot of you for the time being. On another note, you have noticed that the sites design has slightly changed. This was due to some features that will be added to the message_container when viewing threads. It was extremely messy on the previous design due to the background matching the content background.



Mar 6, 2012
Sounds good bossman really excited..

I have one minor to report though..not a big deal but..besides that I'm running out of battery and I won't have a charger for another 50minutes, the ratings I.e funny, informative etc all get cut off and you can't see them, not a huge deal but thought id let u a feeling this is the wrong thread to out it in you'll have to excuse me