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Jul 9, 2011
February Update
Hello everyone,

Please make sure you all have a read of it as there are some pretty cool features that have been added.

Landing Page
A lot of users have bookmarked the new posts page to be their default landing page on The Reefuge as opposed to the forum home. I have now added an infinite scrolling page that pulls the latest threads and has a brief description of the OP's post. This will most likely be the default page for The Reefuge in the future. I would like all users to take a look and see what they think. The aim of this is to boost threads created on the forums so they have a really good chance of being seen. All threads are pulled from all nodes of the forum, this way users can easily browse all of the new content on the forum from a single page.

NOTE: The landing page loads very slowly at this time as it is loading full-sized images. At a later date it will load smaller sized versions. This is only a demo at this time.

This has now been updated and supports a lot more sub-categories. It also forces users to add in their state as a filter.

Code Manager
There are a few talented developers here on The Reefuge. A lot of you may be familiar with @Rob's Raspberry Pi program. Due to other users having an interest in projects such as these, I have added a manager to support the programmers. This works the same as the marketplace but has a few more features which the devs will enjoy.

Some of the features include;
  • Free and Paid resources
  • Code Hosting (Users can upload .zip files to share)
  • Code History (Every version of the code/release is archived so users can revert back to old code at any time)
  • Code discussion
  • Each category can be tied into a specific micro-community so users can get the latest updates straight from the community home page.
This goes out to @MagicJ, @Rob, @Moreno5, @Apocrathia, @Rudedog, @Clownfishy, and @macca_75.

Enjoy :)

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