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Dec 12, 2023
Explaining Football Betting from A to Z for Newcomers in Football Betting
Are you exploring online football sports betting to enhance the excitement of watching matches? Do you find the various football bets confusing, not knowing what those terms mean? Wintips will explain football tips over 2.5 goals along with football betting terms in the following section of this article.

Compilation and explanation of basic football bets for beginners
Football betting today offers numerous types ranging from basic to advanced on the market. The diversity of football bets includes various formats and wager types to provide freshness, avoiding monotony for players and allowing comfortable choices based on personal preferences.
However, this becomes a double-edged sword for both beginners and experienced individuals. Knowing too many types can lead to confusion during betting if one fails to grasp and remember the specific football bet they are participating in. Below are some basic types that most football bettors know and understand.
Explaining European Handicap football bet
European Handicap, also known as 1X2 betting, is a simple betting type. In European Handicap, you only need to look at the two teams participating in the match and choose whether the home team or the away team will win, lose, or draw.
European Handicap is straightforward with high winning odds, resulting in relatively lower rewards compared to other types of bets. However, it is a suitable sports betting type for newcomers who may not want to delve too deeply into team details and side information yet can still achieve victories.
Explaining Asian Handicap football bet
Asian Handicap, also known as Handicap or Asian Handicap betting, originated and was developed by the Asian betting community. This type of bet can be understood as a handicap bet.
Asian Handicap helps balance the strengths of two teams when they are unevenly matched. This means that Asian Handicap involves betting on the stronger team with a specific goal handicap against the weaker team.
Explaining Over/Under football bet
In the Over/Under football bet, also known as Total Goals or Over/Under, you need to predict the total number of goals scored by both teams in the match.
If you predict that the total number of goals scored by both teams will be higher than the bookmaker's set number, you bet on Over. If the total number of goals is less, then you bet on Under.
You can participate in Over/Under betting for the first half, second half, or the entire match. Additionally, Over/Under betting can be diverse, including predicting the number of fouls, corners, and other factors.
Explaining Double Chance football bet – dual opportunity
Double Chance is one of the fundamental and straightforward football bets. Double Chance is similar to 1X2, meaning 1 is for the home team, 2 is for the away team, and X is for a draw. The difference is that Double Chance allows you to choose two out of three possibilities in the match.
The Double Chance options are as follows:
1 or X means betting on the home team to either draw or win;
1 or 2 means betting on the home team to either win or the away team to win;
X or 2 means betting on a draw or the away team to win.
Giải thích kèo bóng đá tài xỉu

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Explaining Football Betting Terms for Beginners
In every type of football betting, there are specific terms associated with it. Some common terms applicable to all types of football bets include:
Chị cái (Bookmaker): Refers to the football betting bookmaker.
Bóng chính (Main Ball): Refers to major and important tournaments.
Xuống xác, banh xác (Drain Capital): Indicates a player betting their entire bankroll on a wager.
Đánh ủn (Bet Under): Refers to betting on the under, or under/over market.
Ị, tạch (Loss): A player participating in a bet but losing.
Kèo thơm (Attractive Odds): A type of bet with very high winning odds.
Kèo thối (Unfavorable Odds): A bet with relatively low chances of winning.
Trùng máu (Blood Match): Describes a bet where many players predict and place similar wagers.
Ngược máu (Against the Blood): In contrast to "trùng máu," players participating in bets opposing each other are numerous.
Cháy acc (Burned Account): A player or account that has lost all their money in bets.
Nhả xương (Release Bone): Simple understanding is that the player has won many previous matches, but in this one, they lost the bet.
Nhai xương (Chew Bone): A type of bet where, despite the high likelihood of losing, the player still participates with the hope of winning.
HT – Half Time: Betting on the first half of the match during halftime.
FT – Full Time: Betting for the entire duration of the match, until the end.
ET – Extra Time: Betting during the extra time played by the two teams.
Odds: Can be understood as the ratio or rate used for conversions during betting.
PEN: Penalty, referring to a penalty kick.
Win full: Participating in a bet to win the full amount.
Lose full: Similar to "win full," this is a type of bet where the player loses the full amount.
Win Half/ Lose Half: A bet where the player either wins or loses half the amount.
Additionally, here are some terms specific to each type of football bet that reputable bookmakers address for their readers.
Terms in European Football Betting:
As mentioned earlier, European football betting is also known as 1 X 2 betting. The terms in European football betting are simple:
Bet on the home team to win.
X. Bet on a draw.
Bet on the away team to win.
Terms in Asian Handicap Football Betting:
Kèo đồng banh 0 – 0: The bookmaker considers the two teams equally strong, with no handicap given to either team.
Kèo cược 0.25; 0.5 hoặc 0.75 (¼ , ½ hoặc ¾ ): This is an Asian handicap bet. If the match ends in a draw, whether you win or lose depends on the team you bet on, and it is proportional to the chosen odds.
Kèo cược 1, 2… : Indicates that the stronger team is handicapped with a certain number of goals.

Wintips has explained soccer tips sites football betting and its associated terms in detail for our readers. We hope this article helps you better understand the various types of bets and terminology in football betting.


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