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Apr 10, 2015
Eoi On Cade Tank & Equip (apologies If I Am Not Allowed To Post This Here)
Hello Everyone,

I occasionally search Gumtree for other reefers selling interesting zoa frags and recently came across someone who was selling zoa frags, but was also getting out of the hobby and wanting to sell off their full system, including livestock.

Original plan was to upgrade my tank (which I love, but is quite scratched up) to the Cade, replacing some of my broken equipment and selling some of his gear to offset the cost of the upgrade. However, after further research, lots of agonising, and thinking through a detailed plan of what would be required to swap tanks (would want the new tank in the same position as the existing one), reconsidering aesthetics the downsize in DT volume, I made the difficult decision over the course of about a week to keep my existing tank.

As a result, I have quite a lot of second hand, high end gear, in excellent condition that I need to sell.

I can't recall seeing any For Sale ads on thereefuge, so my apologies if I am breaking any forum rules. Mods - feel free to remove this post if that is the case.

So this is just an initial post to see whether anyone here would have any interest in purchasing any or all of the following:

* Cade HL900 tank/cabinet/sump/plumbing - DT is 3' x 2' x 2'

* Royal Exclusive Bubble King 150 skimmer

* custom made light hood/mounting with hybrid lighting - 1 x Kessil AP700 LED light flanked by 2 x twin T5 fixtures

* also willing to sell light hood and 2 x T5 fixtures (without Kessil)

* 2 x VorTech MP40 QD wave makers (currently set up as master/slave)

* Theiling Rollermat Automatice Water Filtration System - no more need for filter socks, set this up and its fleece rolls automatically 'change' when the flow through them slows

* Boss-020B RODI 4 stage filter with inline TDS meter

* Pond One Cleartec 36W UV



Jul 6, 2016
I think I saw that tank and was interested but held myself back

Where abouts are you located?

Depending on location, I'd be interested in the lighting mainly the T5 hood but maybe the kessil if its cheap as well


Apr 10, 2015
Hey Adam,

I am in Leichhardt, in the Inner West. I work from home some days, so fairly flexible with a little notice.

Let me know if you wish to drop by an have a look.


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