Tank Journal Archive

Jacques Pels

Feb 4, 2017
Gold Coast, QLD
Coral Bonanza
Hi all,
I have been pretty disciplined in purchases of new corals and fish the last months.
I followed the Facebook posts of a guy up on the Sunshine Coast, Pete at Tropical Aquarium Services. Long story short, took the whole family to Caloundra to see him. Small set up, but a great selection of quality corals, and very reasonable prices, along with great advice and genuine interest.
Cut to the chase... Mia Culpa, I went nuts and got a whole assortment of various Acans, Hammers, Blastos, psaipastria (?) and a very nice Scolly....
It was a 4 hour ride back to the Gold Coast, and another 3 hours unpacking, acclimating and getting them into the Qtank.
Started placing a few into the D tank, but dont want to rush this.
Made a few shots with the filter, but still used the iPhone, so excuse the quality.