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May 27, 2016
Clown Fish Problem
hi guys,
I've got 2 clown fish, been in the tank for about 2 weeks. One clown the smaller of the two, has white lumps almost like debirs that's growing on his face and also on the tail! I've got a picture but can't get on of his face but it's looks the same as the spot on his tail! Any ideas what it it?


Apr 26, 2015
Lake Maquarie
I've had my clowns also get lymphocystis - I think it's pretty common. The lymphocystis itself is not likely to kill the host, unless the growths block gill or mouth function. If you feel really confident, lymphocystis growths can be removed quickly with a sharp, clean razor and the area dabded with a small amount of Betadine on a cottontip. I say small amount, becase like happened to me, if any Betadine gets in their gills, it's curtains :( If the water is kept nice and clean, params stable and food good, the lymphocystis will eventually fade.

Best of luck!