New To Reefing


Apr 10, 2015
Can Anyone Recommend A Particular Refractometer/hydrometer?
I have been using a combo of one of those plastic hydrometers and a glass hydrometer since starting my reefing adventure 1 1/2 years ago. Initially did so because 1) I didn't know any better and 2) I couldn't afford a refracto.

Kept doing so because 1) I read that consistent salinity was more important than a specific value; and 2) when looking online there were so many refractos of differing price points that all looked and were described as the same. Had no desire to overpay for the instrument, nor end up with a cheap, inaccurate refracto.

Current situation, still using the plastic and glass ones and keeping my salinity constant.

In a position now to buy a refracto. Want to buy a good one, but looking for bang for my buck. A specific brand/model recommendation or an online link would be most appreciated from the knowledgeable people here.

Alternatively, happy to hear of other reliable/accurate methods of salinity monitoring that you guys are using.

Thanks in advance.


Jan 5, 2015
Get an electronic pH/salinity meter. Fish street has one for 100 bucksish that's fully decent. My missus bought me one for my birthday and it's been awesome. Accurate enough for the hobby, easily calibratable and quite small.