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Oct 14, 2011
Hastings, Vic
Big store. From the moment you walk in, you can tell all the hardware is here. New tanks on stands, lights, all the nic nacs like skimmers, additives, food, and filters. Quite a large selection of corals based over 4-5 large tanks, good prices written on the glass and the sumps in full view. Marine fish and invertebrates is based over 30 2ft tanks and larger for the fish that need the space.
Customer service is great as long as you get one of the knowledgeable marine staff (although if the staff member you're dealing with doesn't know about a certain coral or fish they'll grab the owner or someone with more experience, rather then push the sale :D ). The owner himself is awesome to deal with. Happy to talk "tank", offer any unbiased advice, as well as let you know when any shipments are coming in.
All in all, a great shop to drop into if you're ever in the area.


Dec 11, 2011
Nice store with LOTs of equipment. They have lots of ready to go tanks including a few nice cades. They have the full range of equipment on hand as well as being one of the few stockists of Illumagic LED light fixtures with a few on display to look at and play with. If you are thinking about getting some new equipment it would well be worth checking out as if you are buying a few things he seems to be willing to give a better price... it doesnt hurt to ask thats for sure!

You have to be selective when talking to the staff about marine and I personally wont be bothering with anybody but the Owner (brett from memory and mine sucks) with whom i spoke to last visit and was very happy with his service.

Nice range of coral and livestock on hand all of which looks healthy and reasonably priced.


Jun 2, 2012
Visit Date: Once a month ish
Brett is my go to guy for marine. Very knowledgeable, and honest! Happy to help anyone on marine.
Always has regular shipments coming in, corals and fish and will custom order if he can get it for me.
Staff are generally young, but that's to be expected.There is Brett (owner) and one other guy that know about marine. The rest of the staff don't pretend they know about marine. They don't push for a sale, and will qualify what you're buying. e.g if you're buying acro's, Brett will make sure you know what they need.
I love this place, and travel 45 minutes to shop there when others are closer.

Scuba Rich

Nov 5, 2012
I bought all my gear here, I don't shop around because I know the guys here (Brett and Richard) will look after me.
Being new to the hobby and having this shop literally down the road is fantastic.
All marine is Aussie caught and regular deliveries from QLD & NT ...
I would certainly recommend them and even when things have not gone to plan I am grateful for all the help they have given me in setting up my tank so far.


Jun 2, 2012
Visit date: 5 Jan 2013
Purpose: buy a chiller
I know chillers are expensive and cheaper online, but I like to support the LFS where possible. Bunarong is not exactly local, but I consider them my LFS for marine.
Shop was its usual brilliant self. Another member mentioned a guy with tattoos - Richard. Definitely knows his stuff, and his regular customers. Brett the owner knows my setup too.
LPS tank was full!, Softies were full, LPS was looking good too.
Fish looked great as always.
They've setup the new Red Sea 650 system (want one!), all tanks have chillers running.

Brett just came back from Cairns, and is apparently the only LFS in Melbourne to now have Zombie snails - they look awesome (but not for the faint hearted $$$$)

What I like most, I asked if I should get some Rotifers - Richard says "what for, you feed Reef-roids" - I admire that. Both Richard and Brett won't sell me crap I don't need, or not of benefit to my tank. I'll drive 45 minutes happily for their honesty and knowledge.

Ian G

Sep 11, 2012
Brett & his staff are likely to try talking you out of a purchase that you don't have enough experience for. He even flatly refused me once, albeit very nicely. I love that honesty!

I have to drive a couple of hours to get to any lfs on the eastern side of Melb anyway but Bunarong is usually where I head to first. Great stock, nice staff & as mentioned above, Brett has trained his staff well. They don't muck around if they can't answer your question, they get someone who can answer it. They have even rung Brett on his day off to be sure they've got it right when I've posed a difficult question.

Good range of stock & equipment. NSW on sale cheap & a very large live rock tank, ie rainwater tank size.

And yeah the tattooed guy is very good at his job and a nice bloke. Most of their stock is from Cairns marine & while you may pay just a little more, I've never seen unhealthy or 2nd grade fish in this shop.

Scuba Rich

Nov 5, 2012
Sounds like we should be on commission..lol Still all comments are valid, the honesty point is so true... I have a want list and they keep culling it and pointing my in another directio (The right one) so I always go there, pity I can't get there during the week though, they close about 5.30 so i miss them due to work.
All the stuff I got to set up tank is going great, they have taught me to test water and cannot seem to spend enough time with me when im in the shop, im lucky to have them around the corner.. :-)


Jan 20, 2013
purchased my tank, stand, illumagic lights, MP10 all from Brett, awesome guy pleasure to deal with, and with a quick refreshing of his memory knows my tank and offers me great advice on what i need to do or have next, always knocking a little $$ off prices too which just makes him even more appealing to deal with, has never pushed me to buy crap that i dont need, if i could get down there more often i would!


Jan 31, 2013
Brett and Richard are great at Bunerong, so much knowledge offered as well as good prices. The guys are always happy to have a chat and offer advice.


May 14, 2013
I ventured down to Bunarong today with the missus. We spent a good hour in the shop, talking marine with Brett(and the Cade set ups), who I found to be an absolute fountain of knowledge and insight.
I almost bought a Cade right there on the spot, but will be following up in the coming days about what I want for my set up and how Brett can help.

Super impressed with this place though. I have plenty to learn while stepping into this hobby, and Brett seems like he's the perfect bloke to give me the guidance I need.

Sam Parker

May 6, 2013
Has to be one of the best places in Melbourne region for hardware. Livestock is right up there too. Both times I have been, staff have been fantastic. Only thing to fault is that this place is 2 hours from my house each way :)


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