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Bulldogs 8fter
This is my latest obsession.

Unfortunately I'm on a budget that really shouldn't include an eight foot tank.

I got the tank off of an old Reefer at Banora Point, he had been keeping FOWLR tanks
for the past 20 odd years. Once I got the tank I set about building the stand and getting everything else together.

I cut three holes in the roof and have installed three 300mm solar tubes from Bunnings. At the moment we don't get a huge amount of light in winter due to the number of trees at our place and the neighbors. So I'm working towards getting some decent supplemental lighting.

The previous owner of the tank had three large rocks that I had to include but they are the source of my phosphate problems.

I will upload some photo's when I get the chance.




Jul 10, 2011
Gold Coast
nice mate upgrading to an 8 foot. id love to have one that big, bummer i cant fit it in my house!