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Jacques Pels

Feb 4, 2017
Gold Coast, QLD
Bta - And Then There Were 2
I have a center overflow with a 150ml diameter skimming, over which I placed a mesh cover to prevent anything getting sucked in.
Our BTA was pretty stationary for about 2 months, but suddenly about a week ago, it started to move every day. Two days ago it moved up between the rocks and towards the flow of the overflow. As a precaution last night I suspected something, so wet down to the basement and cut a length of plastic mesh which I wrapped around the overflow.
Seems this did not stop it, and this morning I found a gnarled lump on the mesh over the overflow.
Took it out and put it in a Q tank downstairs. Looked a bit small, but thought may just recover.
An hour ago I did the filter sock change, and as a habit I always check inside, and Lo and Behold, ANOTHER piece of BTA.!
Put it into the Qtank, and it looks like it split into 2.Tentacles are small and gnarled, but who knows, maybe this was the plan, to go for a high flow area to split ??
Its a bummer, since we got it at the size of about a 50 cent coin,and it has really grown.
Keep you posted.



Oct 22, 2014
Bel Air
BTAs are tough cookies mate. I bought M a RSM130D that had 4 of them in it. After we cleaned out about 5kg of hair algae and removed 20kg of rock, yes, it had over 40 kilos of rock in that little tank. We went from 4 to 7 and then to 11 BTAs. Wanna see a BTA split? Do a water change and they'll split. If you have decent, non rotting pieces, you have a viable anemone.