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Barrier Reef All In One Aquariums
The new Barrier Reef all in one aquariums now in store. Come in and check them out. Made in AquaFire Ultraclear glass
These aquariums are awesome quality and even better pricing. A lot of issues with others similar style tanks have been solved. The cabinets are manufactured out of marine plywood that is then 2pac painted for longevity and durability. Other similar setups use cheap chip board and laminates that won't last the life of your tank. The Barrier Reef setups have a larger ATO to handle these hot days we have in Australia as well, allowing peace of mind if you can't get home one evening to top up the ATO.

Available in following sizes:
BR-150 (450x450x450)
BR-280 (600x600x520)
BR-330 (900x500x520) Featured above
BR-520 (1200x600x530)

With 1500 and 1800 arriving later in the year.
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Lead Moderator
Jul 29, 2011
Wow these are along way since the days of my Barrier reef 400 tank half a dozen years back
May 5, 2016
Hi NiCd

Yah these are a new offer to the Market by Fire Aqua to compete with the Reefer range of tanks. Top quality Ultra clear glass and flawless silicon job with a sturdy and long lasting stand to match.

Kind Regards
Aquarium Gallery Team