The Reefuge

Jul 9, 2011
August Update - The Reefuge 99% Complete
Hello everyone,

With our second birthday approaching I thought I would make an announcement to the community regarding where we are, what we are doing, and what is going to happen. I will also explain a few neat things about the site that many of you don't know, and I will let you know where the site is in terms of completion.

The Reefuge, as it stands, is 99% complete (functionality wise). There are only a few more things that need working on and once they are complete, so is the website.

Tank Journals - 99% Complete
The Tank Journals are now 99% complete. There is only one more feature left to add to them. Once this is done, the system will be locked into place. This feature is the 'Next - Previous' button. This will allow users to navigate the journal directly through the posts.

Marketplace - 99% Complete
The Marketplace only needs a little bit of filtering added to it. Once this is done it too will be complete.

Gallery - 100% Complete

Hotspots - 100% Complete (users can edit / add listings) - 100% Complete (users can start adding to it - must have authorisation)

VIP Card - 99% Complete - This feature is going to be coming soon

Gold / Account Upgrades - 100% Complete

Frag Cell Program - 90% Complete
This system only has testing left to do on it. Once this is done, the system will be open for users and frag cells (not part of the system) will be available for personal purchase in The Marketplace.

After nearly 2 years of work the site is pretty much done. It has taken a lot of work by many members and something great has come of it. The next step is to launch The Reefuge USA. This is not a daunting task as the framework is ready (you are using it right now).

The Reefuge Network is going to be sitting and using the exact same database. This means everything is compatible and carries over to all sites on the network. Alerts, messages, posts, gold, account upgrades, etc. You will be able to access this from any site on the network, as well as quickly switch which site you are using from your navigation bar.

There will be another news post when the site is complete.